Download our Free 10 Minute Self Assessment Questionnaire

Not sure whether you have a sleep disordered breathing condition?  Worried someone you love might be suffering from SDB?  Here's a simple, free way to get a very good idea of whether you're dealing with a serious problem.

Our unique Sleep Clinic Services Sleep Study Referral Form and Sleep Disordered Breathing Self Assessment Questionnaire combines a range of scientifically validated and professionally approved screening systems, including the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, the Karolinska Scale, the Flemons Predictor, and more.  Combined as they are in this Self Assessment Questionnaire they are an extremely accurate indicator of whether or not a sleep disordered breathing condition exists.

This Self Assessment does not replace the requirement for a full diagnostic sleep study -- but it lets you know whether a diagnostic sleep study is truly justified. 

Download your free Self Assessment by providing your details in the boxes at the left side of this page.  Your information will be kept completely confidential and a copy of the Assessment will be sent to you via email, so you can complete it in your own time and in complete privacy.  Do it now to find out what you're dealing with, then contact us on 1300 246 637 to discuss your treatment options.